Periode EP 1 Release and first Live Performance in Berlin UFA Fabrik 28.09

PERIODE is a duo founded by musicians Andreas Reihse and Thomas Winkler.

Reihse underscores and overtures Winkler’s hypnotic guitar pickings with the digital grid of infinity, which Winkler repeatedly tries to touch and to break through. There is hardly any singing.

The covers of the first three EPs of PERIODE, released by London-based Weltschmerz-Verlag, in 2019, depict paintings by artist André Butzer from his N-Bilder series.

Liebe Leute,
am Samstag, den 28. September, findet die vierte Ausgabe Jeff
Özdemir’s LIVE Mixtape statt.
Ein von Musiker/innen auf der ufa-Bühne performtes Mixtape.

Die Songs/Bands/Acts gehen kontinuierlich ineinander über.
Electronica, Krautrock, Hamburger Schule und französischer Pop
vermengen sich mit Kreuzbergs’s Antwort auf Yusef Lateef 😉

Diesmal live on stage:


***Romy Pope (Snow)***

***Rolf Hansen (Il Tempo Gigante/Karaoke Kalk)***

***Periode (Thomas Winkler & Andreas Reihse von Kreidler)***

***Knarf Rellöm***

***Jeff Özdemir***


***Anne von Keller (von Sorry Gilberto)***

***Amélie Legrand (von Elmer Kussiac/33rpm Records)***

Sa., 28. September 2019, 20:00 Uhr
ufaFabrik – Varieté Salon
Viktoriastraße 10-18, 12105 Berlin
Normal: 12 €, Ermäßigt: 8 €

Hi Everybody
on the 28th Sept. we will perform a LIVE mixtape for the fourth time
on the beautiful “ufaFabrik” stage in Berlin-Tempelhof.

The bands/artists play one song each, i.e. they appear back to back up on stage.
Without an interruption. Just like on those continuous mixtapes from
earlier days …
The music you’ll hear will be quite varied. Expect the unexpected.

Participating on this Live Mixtape #4 are:

***Tigerlily (singing her own original French compositions)***

***Romy Pope (the flute playing alter ego of Pudel disco DJane Snow)***

***Rolf Hansen (aka Il Tempo Gigante, the new Karaoke Kalk folk act
from Denmark)***

***Periode (Thomas Winkler & Andreas Reihse of German Krautrock group

***Knarf Rellöm (maybe you haven’t even heard of the Golden Pudel in

***Jeff Özdemir (ex-Im Eimer and founder of the well-known

***F.S.Blumm (guitar player/song writer/singer who has released albums
on Pingipung, Sonic Pieces, Morr Music etc.)***

***Anne von Keller (multi-instrumentalist and singer of Sorry Gilberto)***

***Amélie Legrand (Elmer Kussiac’s versatile cello player)***

Sa., 28. September 2019, 20:00 Uhr
ufaFabrik – Varieté Salon
Viktoriastraße 10-18, 12105 Berlin
Normal: 12 €, Ermäßigt: 8 €

U-6, direkt am U-Bahnhof Ullsteinstraße, Ausgang: Viktoriastraße.
Bus 170 / 246 (Friedrich Karl Strasse und Attilaplatz)
Nachtbusse: N 84 / N 6 (Tempelhofer Damm und Attilaplatz)



Trip to Winkler Video finally released

Trip to Winker (Sunday 4am Mix) by ANIKA
Video by Frank Stürmer
Courtesy Galerie Christine Mayer, 2019
Limited to 250 black 12 inch vinyl . 4 x 25 different original photographs on hand stamped covers. Numbered on back. Hand stamped white Labels.
Available now at:
Written by Prof. Winkler and SEB-I
Produced by SEB-I
Performed by: SEB-I (Electronics and Drum programming)
Prof. Winkler (Guitar, Bass and Vocals)